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E3D V6 Hardened Steel Nozzle - 1.75mm - 0.4mm

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  • This product includes:Hardened steel nozzle E3D V6 (1 pcs)Specifications:Material: Hardened steelHardened steel nozzle is recommended for printing abrasive filaments, which wear out the standard brass nozzle very quickly.Most of the abrasive filament are composites, plastics with something mixed in. Some examples are Bronzefill, Brassfill, filaments with carbon compound, Glow in the Dark filaments and so on. Always ask your filament vendor if you are not sure. Keep in mind, hardened steel has different thermal conductivity properties than brass. Due to that, you may need to adjust your printing setting and increase hotend temperature by about 5°C to print successfully with the hardened steel nozzle.Read more about different nozzle diameters and their usage at PrusaPrinters.org.To replace the part/s, please consult our Assembly Manuals. Make sure to follow the manual for your printer model.
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