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E3D Nema17 Stepper Motors

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Motor Type

Compact But Powerful Motor

High Torque Motor

Slimline Motor

Super Whopper Motor

Geared Stepper Motor

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  • Slimline motor

    The Slimline motor is currently our lightest motor with a stepping angle of 0.9°. It’s perfect for low load applications. Supplied with a 1m motor cable, It can be used with our Titan or Titan Aero extruder.

    Compact But Powerful motor 

    The Compact But Powerful motor is the recommended motor for The E3D Titan and Titan Aero. It’s lighter and shorter than a typical NEMA17 motor - however, it produces almost as much torque. It is suitable for driving geared or direct extruders. It is also suitable for printer axes, provided they are light-duty, eg: a dual lead screw Z-axis that uses 2 motors.

    High Torque motor 

    A good all-round workhorse, primarily used for driving printer axes.

    Super Whopper motor

    The Super Whopper is for when you need extra power, and when motor mass is not an issue. Best used when you want a fast accelerating axis where the motor is static. Adjust steps/mm accordingly.  

    Slimline Motor Key Features:

    - Step Angle: 0.9°

    - Rated Current: 1.4A

    - Body length: 26.5mm

    - Faceplate: NEMA 17

    - Motor cable length: 1m

    Compact But Powerful Motor Key Features:

    - Step Angle: 0.9°

    - Rated Current: 1.68A

    - Body length: 40mm

    - Faceplate: NEMA 17

    - Motor cable length: 1m

    High Torque Motor Key Features:

    - Step Angle: 0.9°

    - Rated Current: 1.68A

    - Body length: 48mm

    - Faceplate: NEMA 17

    - Motor cable length: 1m

    Super Whopper Motor Key Features:

    - Step Angle: 1.8°

    - Rated Current: 2A

    - Body length: 60mm

    - Faceplate: NEMA 17

    - Motor cable length: 1m

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