ELEGOO 12.8 Inches 6K Mono LCD For Jupiter 3D Printer

13.447,36 TL + KDV

 Main Features:

  • The 12.8-inch 6K Mono LCD screen is used for the ELEGOO Jupiter resin 3D printer.
  • With a 6K mono LCD screen of 5448x3064 resolution and 51um (or 0.051mm) XY axis resolution, the high pixel density reduces the square edges and speeds up curing time per layer, ensuring printed parts with a smooth surface finish, and crisp detail and high precision.
  • 12.8-inch large monochrome masking LCD enables users to print a large model, or multiple small models in one go, or anything in between.
  • Up to 2000h life span, 4x longer than RGB LCD with high light transmittance under UV light, more stable performance, higher printing efficiency, and less maintenance.
  • Modular assembly of the 6K Mono LCD screen is simpler and more straightforward, and the whole module of the screen can be conveniently fixed with screws for a perfect fit. Please follow the instructions in the manual to install the LCD screen.

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