ELEGOO Metal Resin Tank For Mars 3 And Mars 3 Pro, 2 Pieces

2.713,02 TL + KDV

  Main Features:

  • Orignal resin tank used on ELEGOO MARS 3 and MARS 3 PRO resin 3D printer and the FEP film is pre-installed.
  • Made of anodized aluminum and durable design for long term usage.
  • The extra lid is provided to keep away dust, UV light source or direct sunlight.
  • Perfect spare resin vat when you need to change resin color faster and have a better printing experience.

When it comes to high-frequency printing environment, you are going to need a spare resin tank or vat to save some of your time. ELEGOO Metal Resin Tank Kit is here to help.

ELEGOO Metal Tank adopts aluminum alloy material, light and not easy to deform, durable and strong. According to your needs, you can replace your printer tank to extend the life of you printer.



• Please wear a mask and gloves included in the kit when you operating.

• Always remove the build platform before removing the resin tank to avoid dripping leftover material into the printer body.

It comes with two metal resin tanks which are the same resin tanks used on ELEGOO Mars 3 3D printers except with two more lids covered on the top to avoid dust or direct light source when you are not using them.

The FEP files has been pre-installed, Please peel off the protection film before usage, easy to operate. The ELEGOO Metal Tank supports the replacement of FEP files and can be reused.

When you change the metal resin tank, hold the tank by the front tabs, sides or rim, to avoid getting fingerprints on the internal and external surfaces of the window. Please don't rub or scratch and do not allow resin on the underside of the tank.

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