Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D Printer Kit

45.391,54 TL + KDV
38.674,41 TL + KDV


The Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ is the last version of our award-winning MK3 3D printer line. We have upgraded the MK3S with a brand new SuperPINDA probe for improved first layer calibration, added high-quality bearings and various useful design tweaks to make the printer easier to assemble and maintain. The MK3S+ includes all the proven features of the previous models, including the heatbed with removable PEI spring steel print sheets, automatic Mesh Bed Leveling, filament sensor, power loss recovery (power panic) and safety features. And it is still as silent as ever!

The functionality of the MK3S+ can be further enhanced by our unique Multi-Material Upgrade 3 for printing with up to 5 filaments simultaneously.

Main Features

Super Pinda Probe

SuperPinda Probe

SuperPINDA probe features a hiqh-quality sensor for a fully-automatic Mesh Bed Leveling process. Before every print, the printer probes the bed in several places and creates a virtual heightmap of the print area. This process ensures that the first layer will always be spot on!

linear bearing on 3d printer

Quality Bearings & more

The MK3S+ features a new set of metal clips for the high-quality bearings on the Y-axis. The belt tensioning mechanism on the X-axis was reworked and the X-end plastic parts reinforced. The filament path in the extruder was altered for better support of flexible filaments.

showcase of three diferent printsheets

Removable Print Sheets

Spring steel sheets are easy to maintain and make removing the printed object from the print surface a breeze. We offer three types of print surface: smooth, textured and satin to cover all your needs when printing from a wide range of different materials - most of which do not require any special separation layers or surface preparation.

3d printer exturder from prusa

High-Quality Parts

The MK3S+ features an aluminum extrusion Y-axis assembly. Thanks to the milled dural frame, the MK3S+ is stable, rigid, and easy to assemble. Combined with our internally developed extruder featuring Bondtech gears and the E3D V6 hotend, the MK3S+ can print high-quality objects up to 210 mm in height.

blue lcd display with text: blackout occured

Power Loss Recovery

Are you afraid of a blackout ruining your 48-hour print? Worry no more - the MK3S+ can deal with that! The printer can fully recover from the loss of power and continue printing exactly where it left off. It detects power interruptions and shuts down the heatbed and extruder heating, and saves the last known location.

disassembled 3d printer exruder showcasing filament sensor

Filament Sensor

The MK3S+ further enhances the reworked extruder from the MK3S. The built-in filament sensor uses a reliable trigger system, which detects whether a strand of filament is inserted into the extruder. It can detect any type and color of filament and is not susceptible to mechanical wear.

printer homing extruder on build plate

Mesh Bed Leveling

Thanks to the SuperPINDA probe, the MK3S+ can use the Mesh Bed Leveling process to compensate for microscopic imperfections of the print sheet, and inconsistencies caused by the assembly and stacking of the manufacturing tolerances of various parts. Achieving a great-looking first layer is quick and easy.

3d model in prusaslicer

Slice with PrusaSlicer

Our internally developed multiplatform slicer comes with in-house made and fully tested profiles for all of our 3D printers and a wide range of filaments. With built-in tools, such as organic supports, cutting, automated object distribution, ironing and many others, you will turn your 3D models into print files in no time!

seven diferent color filaments next to each other

Support for a wide range of Materials

The MK3S+ is fully compatible with a wide range of various types of materials. No matter whether you want to print something for fun from PLA and flexible materials, or you need to produce durable prototypes from PETG, ASA, Polycarbonate and Polypropylene - the MK3S+ can handle them with ease.

open source hardware logo with text

Open-source Hardware & Firmware

We develop firmware for all of our 3D printers and test every new version thoroughly before release. Ongoing development and regular updates ensure that our machines are packed with useful features, such as print sheet profiles, automated calibration, Mesh bed leveling, advanced diagnostics, remaining print time estimation, Octoprint support and more!

Technical Parameters

Build Volume 25×21×21 cm (9.84"×8.3"×8.3")
Layer height 0.05 - 0.35 mm
Nozzle 0.4mm default, wide range of other diameters/nozzles supported
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Supported materials Wide range of thermoplastics, including PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), CPE, PVA/BVOH, PVB, HIPS, PP (Polypropylene), Flex, nGen, Nylon, Carbon filled, Woodfill and other filled materials.
Max travel speed 200+ mm/s
Max nozzle temperature 300 °C / 572 °F
Max heatbed temperature 120 °C / 248 °F
Extruder Direct Drive, Bondtech gears, E3D V6 hotend
Print surface Removable magnetic steel sheets(*) with different surface finishes, heatbed with cold corners compensation
Printer dimensions (without spool) 7 kg, 500×550×400 mm; 19.6×21.6×15.7 in (X×Y×Z)
Power consumption PLA settings: 80W / ABS settings: 120W

* Consumable parts, such as print sheets (smooth, textured, etc.), are not covered by the warranty since their coatings are expected to deteriorate over time, unless the failure is due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Cosmetic damage, which includes, but is not limited to, scratches, dents, cracks, or other aesthetic damage, is also not covered. Only sheets defective upon delivery are covered by the warranty.

Prusa Product Passport

Prusa Product Passport

Curious about the carbon footprint of the MK3S+? As part of our sustainability efforts, we have prepared a thorough MK3S+ Product Passport, a document that covers everything from the origin of materials to maintenance and repairability - and much more!

Download the MK3S+ Product Passport here! (PDF)

Sample Prints

bullet bill 3d print
grey magician statue
mechanical 3d part with screws
red 3d benchy model
3d moidel of a cracken
3d printed ukulele
varios technical 3d printed parts from carbon nylon
Hogwards 3d model miniature
3d print of green mask from the movie mask

Full Features List (January 2023 Edition)

  • Controller: EINSY RAMBo 8-bit board  with Trinamic 2130 drivers (256 microstepping), co-developed with Ultimachine, sensorless homing for X and Y axes
  • Mesh Bed Leveling: Advanced high-quality SuperPINDA sensor (Super Prusa INDuction Autoleveling sensor)
  • Print sheet profiles: Firmware supports print sheet profiles to store Live Z calibration data to enable quick switching between different print sheets. 
  • Filament sensor: IR sensor built-in, supports filament auto-loading. Print pauses when filament runs out.
  • Power Panic: Hardware-based, single G-code line accuracy
  • Ethernet connection: via Raspberry Pi (optional)
  • Wi-Fi connection: via Raspberry Pi (optional)
  • Advanced sensors: 3 thermistors, fans RPM monitoring, SuperPINDA
  • Calibration: Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling, SelfTest
  • Print medium: SD card (16 GB card included)
  • Firmware update: via PC (USB cable)
  • PSU: Custom-made Delta PSU with hardware-based power panic
  • Advanced features: Automatic filament loading, steel sheet profiles, Octoprint compatibility and more 
  • New features introduced through firmware upgrades
  • Free sample of Prusament PLA ~ 2x25 g

Awards & Press Reviews

Thanks to all of these (and many other) features, the MK3S became the “Best 3D Printer” according to ALL3DP. The MK3S is also the highest-rated 3D printer, and the “Editor’s Choice”, in the prestigious MAKE:MAGAZINE’s Digital Fabrication Guide 2019. The MK3S is also featured in TechRadar's Best 3D printers of 2021 as The best all-around 3D printer. NY Times wrote that "...of the 11 printers we’ve tested over the past five years, the Prusa i3 MK3S printer has produced the largest and best-looking prints." According to ZDNet, the MK3S is "The best pro-sumer 3D printer under 1000 USD."

  • TestMake: Best Overall
  • Make: Best Open SourceMake: Outstanding Open Source
  • Make: Best OverallMake: Outstanding Open Source
  • 3D Hubs: WorkhorseTop Hobbyist
  • All3DP Best 3D PrinterAll3DP Best 3D Printer under 1000 USD
  • All3DP Best Printer Kit3DP Awards
  • 3DP Awards 2019PC Editor's Choice
  • Jiga: Best 2021 3D PrinterWindows Central
  • Toms HardwareTechRadar
  • logo
    The preassembled version of the Original Prusa i3 MK3S is a cinch to get up and running, is easy to operate, and has a good slicing program. It produced consistently beautiful prints in our testing, with no misprints.
    – PC Mag Review
  • logo
    Of the 11 printers we have tested over the past five years, the Prusa i3 MK3S printer has produced the largest and best-looking prints.
  • logo
    You can get under the hood and tinker with this or change that, but you don’t have to. MK3S is a printer that ‘just works’ for beginners, yet is still powerful enough for advanced use. 10/10
    – Hackspace UK Review
  • logo
    We tested it using its default settings and found it extremely capable. Its print quality is truly exceptional and it’s an easy-to-use, straightforward machine.
    – All3DP MK3S Review
  • logo
    If you're looking for your first 3D printer, you like to tinker, or you run a business and want a good reliable machine then look no further than the Original Prusa i3 MK3S.
    – TechRadar Review
  • logo
    The team at Prusa Research have made something special with the MK3. If you only ever own one printer, make it this one. Of course, once you buy it you will want more of them, and that's ok too.
    – Windows Central Review

6 reasons to buy the MK3S+


Great User Support

We offer 24/7 tech support via live chat and email in seven languages. Our printers come with detailed instructions and guides for easy assembly and maintenance. You can also visit our knowledge base, community forum, Facebook groups and official Blog, where we publish useful 3D printing tips and tricks, contests and more!


Advantages of an Assembled 3d Printer

Compared to the assembly kit, the assembled printer differs only in the form in which you receive it. The printer comes pre-assembled and tested right out of the box. To start your first print, simply plug it in, run the initial calibration, and you are good to go. It is an ideal choice for businesses where there is a need to start printing as soon as possible.


Built-in Safety Features

Original Prusa 3D printers are well-known for their reliability and safe operation. Every part of our printers is thoroughly tested in-house. The MK3S+ is equipped with three thermistors and comes with a custom-built high-quality Delta power supply. The printer can recognize issues with heating and stop operation to prevent damage.


Open-source and Community Friendly

All parts of our printer are open-source, which means we publish all source codes and blueprints online. The community around our products is huge and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive - don't believe us? Check out Facebook groups and YouTube videos! There's so much to do with your 3D printer - buying it is just the beginning!


Ready for the Multi-Material Upgrade 3

Multi-Material Upgrade 3 is our unique add-on option for printing with up to 5 different filaments simultaneously. Multi-material could be your next step in the 3D printing world and the MK3S and MK3S+ are completely ready for the upgrade! MMU3 also allows you to print a soluble support interface.



One of the most popular features of the Original Prusa i3 concept is upgradability. When you buy our 3D printer, you can upgrade it later to a newer version, so you don't need to buy a whole new model every two years like, for example, your phone or laptop. We also keep supporting our 3D printers with regular firmware updates that bring new features!

Ready to print settings

We provide high print settings with the printer, so you don't have to dive into complex new programs the second you finish the build. You can start printing right away, and this gives you a great head start!

These settings are great for all kinds of objects, not just for a couple of prepared showpieces. After a while, when you're familiar with the printer, you can, of course, dive into tinkering ;-)

We are developing our own slicing software. PrusaSlicer is a feature-rich, frequently updated tool that contains everything you need to export the perfect print files for your Original Prusa 3D printer. But of course, we also have the settings for the third party slicers like Simplify3D, Cura, etc.

3d model in prusaslicer

Discount program for Original Prusa MK3S+ assembled printer owners

Our discount program for the Original Prusa MK3S+ assembled printer owners gives you a 10% discount on five units of the assembled MK3S+ in subsequent orders and selected filaments.

How does it work?

To enter the discount program, you only need to purchase your first Original Prusa MK3S+ assembled printer for the full price. After the assembled printer is delivered to you, your Prusa account automatically applies the 10% discount on the assembled MK3S+ printers. So your next assembled MK3S+ printer will be discounted by 10% :-). Make sure to be always logged into your Prusa Account, to have the discount applied. The discount is limited by 5 printer units.

Along, with the discount on the assembled printers, the discount does apply to selected filaments too. Most importantly including our high-precision filament, the Prusament! This discount is limited by 30 spools of filament per year.

MK3S+ vs MINI+ Comparison

  Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ photo Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ Original Prusa MINI+ Original Prusa MINI+

Build volume

250 x 210 x 210 mm | 9.84 x 8.3 x 8.3 in 180 x 180 x 180 mm | 7 x 7 x 7 in

Layer height

0.05 – 0.35 mm 0.05 – 0.25 mm with 0.4 mm nozzle

Max travel speed

200+ mm/s 200+ mm/s

Max hotend/heatbed temp.

300 °C / 120 °C (572 °F / 248 °F)

280 °C / 100 °C (536 °F / 212 °F)


Einsy RAMBo 8-bit board

Custom 32-bit Buddy electronics with STM32

MMU2S/3 support




Direct drive

Bowden system with 3:1 gearing

LCD screen

Monochromatic LCD

2.8″ graphic 65k color screen

Print surface

Magnetic heatbed with removable PEI spring steel sheets Magnetic heatbed with removable PEI spring steel sheets
Filament diameter:



Number of materials (simultaneously)

1 1
Nozzle diameter

0.4mm (default) / other nozzle diameters supported

0.4mm (default) / other nozzle diameters supported

Supported materials

Any thermoplastic including Nylon and Polycarbonate

Most thermoplastics except Carbon filled

Filament sensor

Yes (IR)

Optional upgrade

Power panic

Hardware-based, single G-code line accuracy

Future software upgrade, single layer accuracy

Ethernet connection

Via Raspberry Pi


Wi-Fi connection

Via Raspberry Pi

Separate upgrade ESP Wi-Fi module

Advanced sensors

3 thermistors + SuperPINDA, fan RPM sensors

3 thermistors + SuperPINDA, fan RPM sensors

Farm mode


Yes (upcoming feature)


Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling

Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling

Print medium

SD card

USB drive / LAN

Firmware update interface

USB port

USB drive / LAN

Power supply

240W, custom made by Delta with Power Panic HW

160W, external adapter by Mean Well or Delta depending on the region

Kit price

649 USD / 719 EUR (VAT incl.) 429 USD / 459 EUR (VAT incl.)

Assembled printer price

899 USD / 999 EUR (VAT incl.)

459 USD / 489 EUR (VAT incl.)

Boyutlar (cm)
45 x 45 x 25
Ağırlık (Kg)

Yazıcı Türü


Çıktı Hacmi

Minimum 25 X 21 X 20 Cm

Katman Yüksekliği

0.05 - 0.35mm

Maksimum Hareket Hızı

200+ Mm/S

Maksimum Baskı Ucu Sıcaklığı

300 Oc

Maksimum Yatak Sıcaklığı

120 Oc

Hammadde Özellikleri

1.75mm Filament

Nozzle Çapı

0.4mm ( E3D V6 Uyumlu Değiştirilebilir Nozzle)

Desteklediği Malzeme

Pla, Abs, Pet, Hıps, Flex Pp, Ninjaflex, Laywood, Laybrick, Bamboofill, Bronzefill, Asa, T-Glase Ve Tüm Naylon Ve Polikarbon İçeren Termoplastikler



Filament Sensörü

Yazılım Destekli Otomatik

Yatak Kalibrasyon

Otomatik 9 Veya 49 Noktadan Yatak Kalibrasyonu

Güç Girişi

220-240 V

Elektrik Kesintisinden Sonra Baskıya Devam Özelliği


Lcd Ekran

Monochromatic Lcd

Baskı Ortamı

Sd Kart

Yazılım Güncelleme Arayüzü

Usb Port

Gelişmiş Sensörler

4 Termistör, Fan Rpm Sensörleri, Power Panic, Otamatik Yatak Kalibrasyon Sensörü, P.I.N.D.A 2 PROB

Nozzle Başlığı

Değiştirilebilir E3D 0.4mm Nozzle

Extruder Besleme Sistemi

Bondtech Extruder

Step Motor Sürücüleri


Baskı Soğutma Fanı



Vitrin Ürünleri
OLSSON The Olsson Ruby
6.004,94 TL KDV
Prusament PETG Jet Black 1Kg Filament - Prusament Tükendi
Prusament Prusament PETG Jet Black 1Kg Filament
1.556,84 TL KDV
1.423,39 TL KDV
Prusament PETG Galaxy Black 1Kg Filament - Prusament Tükendi
Prusament Prusament PETG Galaxy Black 1Kg Filament
1.556,84 TL KDV
1.423,39 TL KDV
Prusament PETG Prusa Orange 1Kg Filament - Prusament Tükendi
Prusament Prusament PETG Prusa Orange 1Kg Filament
1.556,84 TL KDV
1.423,39 TL KDV
Prusament PLA Azure Blue 1Kg Filament - Prusament Tükendi
Prusament Prusament PLA Azure Blue 1Kg Filament
1.556,84 TL KDV
1.423,39 TL KDV
Prusament PLA Galaxy Silver 1Kg Filament - Prusament Tükendi
Prusament Prusament PLA Galaxy Silver 1Kg Filament
1.556,84 TL KDV
1.423,39 TL KDV
Prusament PETG Prusa Orange 1Kg Filament - Prusament Tükendi
Prusament Prusament PETG Prusa Orange 1Kg Filament
1.556,84 TL KDV
1.423,39 TL KDV
Prusament PLA Galaxy Black 1Kg Filament - Prusament Tükendi
Prusament Prusament PLA Galaxy Black 1Kg Filament
1.556,84 TL KDV
1.423,39 TL KDV
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