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SL1 resin sample prints

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  • Jewelry casting / Yellow Jewelry Casting resinDid you know that SLA printer can be used to manufacture jewelry? The SL1 is capable of incredible details. Yellow Jewelry Casting ResinFlexible parts / Blue Flexible resin, ABS Tough resinThe SL1 can print from various resins with different mechanical properties. Looking for a flexible belt to wrap around the pulley? Blue Flexible Resin, ABS Like Transparent Tough ResinLow odor materials / Super Low Odor resinDo the SLA prints smell? Not all! Take a look at this warrior printed from a special low odor resin. Super Low Odor Magenta Tough ResinDurable prints / High Tenacity Grey resinLooking for a material with high tenacity to test your first design of the mechanism? Look no further. High Tenacity Grey ResinDetailed miniatures / Black Tough resinWith the SL1 printer, you can take things to the extreme! See this model with 0.01 thick layers, can you spot them? Black Tough ResinCalibration object / Orange Tough resinUnleash your creativity with the Original Prusa SL1 printer! You will be able to model and print almost any complicated geometry. Orange Tough ResinDental casting Teeth & Gum / Dental Casting Green & Dental Tough resinSLA printers are very popular among dentists and orthodontists. You can use them for teeth or braces template and many other dental related applications. Green Dental Casting Resin, Teeth Model Yellow-Orange Tough ResinNote:In case you decide to purchase the Original Prusa SL1 printer after ordering this resin sample print box, its price will be subtracted from the SL1 order.Resin samples are not bio-compatible nor approved for use with food, drink, or for medical applications on or in the human body.
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